Tips to Pick the Perfect Pair of Leggings for Your Workouts

Leggings are exercise staples because of the practicality and mobility benefits they give. Now that more people are getting into fitness, there are loads of athleisure stores out there that it might be overwhelming to choose which one to buy. Like other things in life, you must have standards in selecting the perfect pair of leggings. You must pick a pair that makes you feel confident while allowing you to do your exercises with ease and comfort.

How to pick the perfect pair of leggings for your workouts?

1.    Know the material.

Pay attention to fabric because they make the most difference. There are two most common types in the market: Cotton and Synthetic. If you opt for comfort, consider getting cotton leggings. However, they aren’t the best for “sweat-wicking,” which most women love about workout leggings nowadays.

When picking a pair for exercise use, we suggest looking for leggings made of synthetic materials. Look for leggings made of Spandex, also known as Lycra or Elastane. Spandex is often blended with other synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Synthetic fabric leggings provide sweat-wicking during your sweaty workout sessions. They also keep their shape for a long time and reduce odor.

2.    Know your size.

Sure, leggings must cling to your body throughout your workout session. But when it hugs your legs too much that it digs deep in your skin—it’s time to opt for a bigger size. Conversely, if your leggings are just right on the legs but you notice yourself pulling the waist up after every set, then you must take a size smaller.

Measure yourself and always consult the store’s size chart before checking out. It would also help to read past customers’ reviews to fish for some tips before buying. In rare instances, reviews encourage you to buy one size bigger than the posted size, so always help yourself with the reviews.

3.    Check the other features.

Identify your exercise. Are you wearing your leggings for your runs, weightlifting, or stretching sessions? Leggings are supposed to work for you – not against you.

If you are using a pair for your runs, a pocket will help you reach those miles while still keeping your necessary items with you.

For weightlifting, you might want to perform your squats and deadlifts without the anxiety of your outfit betraying your behind. Leggings with drawstrings will be perfect for weightlifting.

Yoga, Pilates, or Stretching sessions will demand you a-well, stretchier and gentler material for your skin. This is where those cotton leggings will come in handy. When doing these exercises, don’t wear ones with zippers, for they may unknowingly press painfully into your skin when doing certain poses.

4.    Pick your style.

Are you a fan of solid-colored leggings, or do you gravitate toward prints? You can be comfortable without sacrificing style. After all, workout clothes must make you feel confident about yourself.

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