Are you Guilty of these 5 Common Gym Wear Mistakes?

Hooray, you’re taking one step towards self-improvement by going to the gym! The next step is to find the best outfit for it. Finding a gym outfit may look simple. All you need is to copy what fitness influencers and your local gym girls are wearing. May they be matching athleisure sets, comfy-looking yoga pants, and trendy sports bras. But even with athleisure style inspirations in mind, you might stumble over common gym wear mistakes (if you haven’t yet.) Keep reading to maximize your performance at the gym, because really—who wants a wardrobe malfunction when you’re on the move?

Common Gym Wear Mistakes

Common Gym Wear Mistake #1: Wearing Clothes Too Tight

Gym clothes are mostly body-hugging. However, wearing clothes too tight may cause issues in blood circulation, breathing, body pains, and even severe blood-clotting problems. Plus, too-tight garments can give you an unflattering fit or may highlight the wrong places (case in point: camel toes.) While it’s advisable to buy gym clothes one size smaller than your usual size, it’s best to still consult the seller’s size chart before purchasing. Check out our store for leggings for all shapes and sizes.

Common Gym Wear Mistake #2: Using Regular Bra Instead of A Good Sports Bra.

Some people prefer wearing a simple, comfy shirt when jogging or going to the gym. That’s alright, but as the age-old adage mentions, the inside is what matters. (That goes for bras too!) Since when? Since now. A high-quality sports bra will give you added support for your chest (hello, gravity), neck, and shoulders when performing intense workouts.

Common Gym Wear Mistake #3: Accessorizing Too Much

Adding statement pieces to one’s outfit won’t hurt in normal circumstances; it’s commendable even. It’s different during workouts, though. It may literally hurt when you’re active. You could harm yourself when accidentally pressing your skin on your bracelets when doing a pushup. You can also drench your necklace in sweat during cardio or experience other more inconvenient issues. Don’t worry. You can still accessorize by wearing a cute headband, a cool and workout-friendly wristwatch, or a pretty armband.

Common Gym Wear Mistake #4: Wearing The Wrong Footwear.

In some exercises like Yoga, you won’t need any form of footwear because you’ll be barefoot. However, you will surely need a trusty pair of gym shoes for weight-lifting, cardio, and other everyday gym activities. We can’t stress enough how a pair of footwear can affect your performancefor better or for worse. Some people commit the mistake of wearing slippers or sandals instead of trainers in the gym. Good quality gym shoes will help you avoid injuries, sustain your balance and mobility, and provide a cushion to your soles during heavy-impact reps. Quality footwear is not always cheap, but it will be a good investment.

Common Gym Wear Mistake #5: Not Washing Clothes Regularly

Gym clothes are expected to be drenched in sweat, and they will hug your body and all your filth as long as you wear them. Like other clothes, they need to be cleaned regularly. This should be an obvious self-hygiene tip, but irregular washing of gym clothes is more common than one might think. Some people re-wear a pair of leggings or biker shorts just because they weren’t as drenched in sweat as their top. Some also leave their clothes in the laundry hamper for too long until bacterial growth occurs. When unwashed regularly, it may cause some skin irritation or infection. Plus, one might smell not so pleasant in the gym— and no one wants to be that stinky gym-goer who needs some deodorant advice!

The Upshot

One of the benefits of working out at the gym is feeling great about oneself—and a good outfit can help with this. However, one could go overboard by dressing too much for an active occasion. Wearing the wrong things may derail your progress and put you at risk of possible injuries. Now that you are aware of these common gym wear mistakes, you’ll be good to go the next time you plan your gym outfit.