Having Trouble Starting an Exercise Routine? Here are 6 Tips to Exercise Consistently

If we had a dollar for every excuse we make to avoid exercising, we would have made a good fortune by now. We get it; exercise can sometimes sound so overwhelming, especially when you’ve never really tried doing it before. Perhaps you’ve even signed up for a gym membership and went a couple of times, but ‘life got in the way’ and never came back. But let’s face it, exercise is necessary, so we better make time for it.

6 Ways To Exercise Consistently

1.      Be clear with your motivations.

Do you want to exercise to achieve your dream body, or do you just want to live a healthier lifestyle? Your motivation will provide the foundation for the actions, so you better make it fool-proof. Hold on to it dearly once you’re clear about this because it will help you get out of a slump during your couch potato days.

2.      Make time

Sometimes we want to do things but find it easy to bail on them because they weren’t on the schedule. Block the hours in your day for your exercises. Make a monthly calendar. Just ensure you give it time because now that they are on schedule, they’re more real, and you won’t have any more excuses but to do them.

3.      Be realistic with your goals.

If you’ve never actively exercised before, don’t make it a goal to run a 10k every day on your first week. It is impressive to be fit enough to run that far every day. Still,if you are just building an exercise habit, you better start with achievable milestones. Try running a kilometer on the first week, two kilometers on the second, and so on. Be patient. Remember, consistency is key.

4.      Make it accessible.

It’s easier to access a workout video on Youtube than attend that coveted yoga class on the other side of your town. Sure, that Yoga class may sound fun and zen, but you’ll pass many hurdles that are out of your control before getting to it. Just like making time, you want to make your exercises easily accessible so you can rid yourself of excuses.

5.      Make it fun.

Some people don’t exercise because the thought of repeatedly lifting dumbbells already bores them. You don’t need to lift weights if you don’t want to. There are other forms of exercise out there to try. If weight lifting is not your thing, perhaps you can try dance classes, boxing, or even squash. Life is too short to do things we don’t enjoy!

6.      Make it attractive

Now that you’ve tried everything above, you must add the cherry on top to make your workouts irresistible. Make your exercise sessions more attractive by wearing cute athleisure outfits. Not only do they make you feel like the flyest person in town, but they also set your mind to workout mode.

With these six tips, you won’t have any more excuses not to get that body moving. We love instant gratification. Remember that exercise gives immediate rewards to your heart health and overall mood. It’s what the fit people call ‘post-exercise high’ that will keep you wanting more. You’ll see the difference if you just start now. Start with getting yourself a nice pair of leggings.