Leggings Will Never Go Out Of Style

Leggings, tights, yoga pants—whatever shape and form they may take, you know you’ve seen it. If you’re into fashion, you know that trends are just a cycle of love it-hate it-love it again! But it’s slightly different with leggings. They’ve stayed for decades now and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. You’ll see them hugging the legs of the most fashionable icons, from Audrey Hepburn in the 50s to present-day cool girls like Gigi Hadid. With the popularity of athleisure wear, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a pair or two (or three, or four, or five.) Read on to know why leggings will never go out of style.

What are the reasons why leggings will never go out of style?

1.      Leggings are Comfortable.

Unless you’re wearing a size too tight or too loose—leggings never fail to provide comfort. Many people see leggings as a more comfortable alternative to jeans because of how easily you can put them on without the wiggles and tightening around the waist when you’ve had a full meal. They also allow more effortless mobility because wearing them is like wearing another skin. This is why leggings are popular among women who want to stay fashionable while feeling comfortable.

2.     Leggings are versatile and fashionable.

Leggings aren’t just for the gym nowadays. They can also be worn on different occasions! There’s a perfect pair of leggings, whether you need a gym staple, a neutral piece, or an added ‘oomph’ to your casual wear. Here’s a tip: even if you are not into athleisure wear, keep a plain black pair in your wardrobe, and it will come in handy during your nothing-to-wear days. It goes with almost anything like a pair of blue jeans. If you want more ideas to style your leggings, you can get some celebrity-approved tips.

3.      Leggings serve multiple functions.

Leggings aren’t made equally. Some are in plain, solid colors, while others are prints or patterns. Some are made to wick sweat (synthetic fabrics), while some absorb moisture (cotton). Some are also made of various fashionable materials like faux leather. If you just want a pair for your walk with your pet in the park, you may opt for cotton ones. For days you feel active, it’s best to opt for synthetic fabrics like Lycra (more commonly known as Spandex) or polyester. Feeling a bit badass? No one’s stopping you from wearing that leather pair! Really, the chances of pulling off leggings will be endless.

4.      Leggings fit even when you’ve gained or lost some weight.

Unlike denim, where the fabric is so thick and densely packed that you need to buy another pair once your size shifts—leggings can withstand a slight increase or decrease in size. Another reason to invest in a pair of your choice!


Fashion pieces come and go, but leggings will surely stay because they are comfortable, versatile, functional, and flexible in nature. Whatever your style or lifestyle is—there is undoubtedly a pair for you to keep as a wardrobe staple. We offer various high-quality leggings for all shapes and sizes. Check out our shop here.